How to: Chair-Back Floral Arrangement

Your wedding chairs deserve something pretty to impress. While there are various options to consider as chair décor, we especially love the idea of adding floral arrangements with trailing ribbons. If you are after an elegant style, this tutorial is for you!

What you will need


3" roses x7 

2" petite roses x5 


Dusty millers  

Maidenhair fern 

Branch of willow leaves 


Wire cutters

Wire stems

Chiffon ribbon

Green floral tape (optional) 

Step 1 

To begin with, hold 2~3 types of greenery and then 3 stems of foam rose. Bind the stems around the base several times with some wires. Create a second set with the same amount of ingredients. Put the two parts together by combining the ends, and wrapping it with wires to hold them in place. 

Step 2

Here comes the fun part! Add in more flowers to the center and secure them around with stems. Fill in a mix of greenery for variety and layer them around the corner until it's your desired shape. 

Step 3 

Adjust the flowers to the shape that you desire. You may also blend in accents of pearl beads for a chic touch or blueberries for a rustic vibe.

To finish off, cut a separate length of ribbon and tie it just beneath the floral arrangement. 

There you have it! A pretty chair floral swag, incredibly budget-friendly. If you’re giving this a try, please do share with us on Instagram so we can see your works!