The Inspiration Behind Ling’s Glowing Blush & Pearl Wedding Seaside Theme

They say that love makes you glow. So, when you’re finally ready to walk down the aisle, your flowers and decorations should capture that same radiance you feel in your heart. Enter, Ling’s new Blush & Pearl wedding color collection. 

This color collection blends together sweet blush pink with shimmery shades of pearl, helping you evoke a romantic, oceanic atmosphere throughout your special moments. Discover the inspiration behind this dreamy color palette below, and get a sneak peek into what your special day could hold with these designer flowers. 

Your Blush & Pearl Wedding Theme

In this color collection, soft and sweet is the name of the game. The shiny pearl finishing touches keep everything feeling radiant and fresh. 

What colors go well with blush pink?

A gentle gradient of pink forms the main base of this palette, featuring colors like sweet blush pink and pale coral. Add in a pinch of lilac and a small pop of pale pastel blue, and you have a flawless recipe for the wedding color palette of your dreams.

Assorted floral arrangements in pink used for wedding

What do pearls symbolize in a wedding?

For many brides, a pearl strand is a quintessential wedding staple, as important as a bridal veil or bouquet. A pearl’s white glow can reflect purity and innocence, not to mention they can color-coordinate with your bridal gown. Ancient cultures have also associated pearls with the glowing full moon and the planet Venus. After all, Venus, the goddess of love, was born from the sea – just like a pearl.

A bride holding a flower bouquet

In this color collection, miniature faux pearls, shimmery white flowers, and luminescent ribbons represent the elegance of ocean pearls. These elements work together to enhance the dreaminess of your pink flowers and bring a seaside vibe to the table. Here’s how this color collection could come together on your wedding day.

Your Blush Seaside Wedding Ceremony Theme

Step into the moment: Dawn is breaking on your wedding day. As tried and true beach lovers, you and your fiance opted to host your ceremony and reception at an upscale seaside resort with ocean views. The sound of lapping waves draws you out of bed. 

You rise and get ready to shine with your favorite girls surrounding you. While you laugh and sip mimosas, you feel confident that your decorations in the hotel’s ballroom will set a dreamy stage for the moments to come. 

Welcome Sign

When your guests enter the ballroom where your ceremony will take place, a customized sign will greet them. The floral decorations provide an asymmetrical frame for your message – because everything looks better with roses surrounding it. (It’s a scientific fact.) Rose petals gently graze over the floor, like shells on the beach, guiding your guests toward their seats.

A wedding sign decorated with flowers

Pearl pink wedding aisle decor 

As your guests move past the entrance and into the heart of your ceremony space, delicate white chairs line a velvety pink carpet. Free-standing floral arrangements sit to the outside of the aisles, washing the aisle with pearlescent color. Using only a handful of floral arrangements allows you to create a big splash without needing to decorate every nook and cranny of the space. These decorations enhance the atmosphere as your guests find their seats.

Two chairs decorated with flowers

A Pearlescent wedding backdrop

Instead of a wedding arch, you opt to let the resort’s ocean-view windows be your backdrop. You enhance the scene with more free-form floral arrangements set on white pedestals. Their delicate pink leaves stretch up to form a gorgeous frame. You especially love how the frothy white ribbons provide movement that reminds you of the sea just outside the windows.

Two free-standing floral arrangements placed together

With your floral decorations beautifully capturing your seaside wedding theme, there’s only one element missing from this postcard-worthy scene: You and your fiance. 

Your pink and white Bridal Flowers

As you spritz on your makeup setting spray, (shimmery, of course) you’re finally ready to embark down the aisle. You, your bridal party, and your partner all embrace the blush and pearl wedding colors in your own way – and you all look equally fabulous. 

Your Blush Pink Bridal Bouquet

You feel radiant in your open-backed satin bridal gown. Instead of a traditional pearl necklace, you’ve opted to go the extra route with pearly chains draping down your back, pearl earrings, and even miniature faux pearls in your statement eye makeup. Like Venus before you, you’ve got it (yeah baby,) you’ve got it. 

Your bridal bouquet complements your shimmery bridal attire, with its wavy pearl-tipped ribbons, and glass pearl accents that cascade alongside the pink ribbon. The blush pink roses and gardenias supply the floral flair in the crown jewel of your bridal look. The free-form feels wild and untamed, while the refined color palette keeps everything cohesive and picture-perfect.

A bride holding a flower bouquet in pink

Dreamy Seaside-Inspired Bridesmaids bouquets

Meanwhile, your bridesmaids capture your pink and white wedding colors by carrying miniature versions of your bouquet. The rounded shape fans out like a scallop shell. These bridesmaid bouquets complement their satin blush dresses seamlessly as if they were made for each other. Your favorite ladies look like a picture of radiance, ready to support you on your long-awaited wedding journey.

Two women in dress each holding a flower bouquet

Wrist Corsages

Before you walk down the aisle, you give your maid of honor a special token to show your appreciation: a blush-pink corsage. A trio of faux shells surrounds a sheer pink ribbon delicately twirled into the shape of a flower. It matches her dress and offers that extra level of elegance you always strive to achieve.

Six wrist corsages placed on table

A Beautiful Pearlescent Boutonniere

Waiting for you at the end of the aisle, your partner looks dashing in a sharp grey suit and understated black bowtie. Keeping up your seaside wedding theme, he wears a pocket square made with pearlescent ribbons that surround a faux scallop shell. You especially love this oceanic focal point: It reminds you that he’s your special treasure, just like a shell that you’ve selected from the shore.

A boutonniere placed on a plate

With that thought, you exchange vows in front of the ocean tides as the morning sun glows through the windows. That photo of your first kiss will definitely be the highlight of your wedding album. 

Your Blush Pink & Pearl Wedding reception

Afterward, you enjoy a late, savory brunch with your guests as you relax and enjoy the good vibes. The seaside wedding atmosphere extends to your reception area, thanks to even more pink and pearl floral arrangements. 

Sweet Pink Centerpieces

Your guests dine at rectangular tables draped in a classic white cloth. Flower centerpieces made with blushing roses and gardenias line the table’s heart, offering a pop of pearly pink that complements the satin drapes in the room. Scalloped plates, cloth napkins, and stemmed crystal glassware add another layer of refinement. And although it’s still morning, you can’t resist the waxy candlesticks that lend another glow to the scene.

Two pink floral centerpieces placed on a reception table

A Seaside Wedding-Themed Head table

Across the room, you and your partner enjoy a romantic, candlelit meal for two. A floral swag crowns your head table, while candles at the base provide just a little extra touch of romantic atmosphere. You love how the pale pink rose leaves drape down the length of the table, like seaweed lounging along the shore.

A wedding headtable decorated with pink garlands

As you and your partner relax and sample the delicious offerings from your brunch buffet, you can’t imagine anywhere you’d rather be than in the here and now. 

Bringing the memories home 

Afterward, you take your favorite floral decorations home with you, including your bridal bouquet. You place it inside a pearlescent lilac vase and display it proudly in your bedroom. When you walk past it, sometimes you swear you can still hear the waves lapping on the shore. It’s a beautiful token of your wedding day that makes your everyday moments glow just a little bit brighter. 


Ready to make these blushing wedding dreams a reality? Head over to Ling’s Glowing Blush & Pearl color collection to shop the full selection of designs. The premade decorations and floral arrangements can help you design a show-stopping wedding scene while saving time and energy, while the DIY flower boxes allow you to create floral arrangements that radiate your unique style. 

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