At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet. — Plato

Since 2008, Ling’s Moment has helped brides bring their creative visions to life. Thank you for sharing your special moments with us for the last 14 years. We’re honored to be a part of your wedding journey.

Now, we want to share a special moment with you, as we launch our new logo that reflects our overall philosophy and helps bring a refreshing new look to the site. 

Read on to explore the inspiration behind our new look.

Exploring Wedding Aesthetics

We help you turn your wedding dreams into dream weddings. Where every bride can become a designer with a touch of love, a dash of creativity, and a little time and effort.

The new logo was created to reflect the vintage-inspired aesthetics of our wedding decorations and bridal flowers. So, we drew inspiration from old-fashioned love letters and the beauty of nature. 

The Inspiration of Love

Long before the days of email and videochats, was vintage romance. Couples expressed their feelings through the mail — with handwritten letters read by candlelight or thoughtful postcards pinned to the wall.

We believe handwritten notes hold incredible emotions and feelings straight from the heart, capturing exclusive memories that belong solely to you. 

The slender and flowing typeface of our new logo presents a style that can stand the test of time — just like the beautiful flowers on your wedding day.

A Natural Color Palette

The new color palette was developed with nature-inspired colors in mind. We started with Macchiato brown, which reminds us of the vast Sahara desert, breathing a gentle and pure warmth into the design. The secondary color is a dreamy, ethereal lilac gray that reminds us of a soft and gentle love — and of embarking on an enthusiastic adventure.

that celebrates nature’s subtle beauty. 

Create Your Own Moment

While our website and logo might be refreshed, our vision and mission remain unchanged.

We will always be a dedicated wedding planning partner for brides, empowering them to celebrate their wedding journey with their loved ones. We work hard to give all our brides the tools they need to feel confident, brave, elegant, and independent.

If you’ve already found your happily-ever-after with Ling’s, thanks for bringing us along on your wedding journey. If you’re new, we look forward to helping you create authentic memories with the ones you love.

Let’s create unique moments together.