How To Make An Elegant Hair Comb

Your wedding day is a chance to express your personal style through every detail. From the dress you wear to the decor, each little touch comes together to create a vision that is uniquely you. For many brides, florals play a key part in designing their dream wedding and outfit. More than just a bouquet to be held, flowers can be made into a one-of-a-kind hair accessory like our lilac purple flower hair comb. Instead of the classic veil, this lilac flower hair comb will add a touch of natural elegance to your wedding look. You could also make your entire bridal party purple hair accessories for the wedding!

Read on to learn how you can design your perfect wedding hair accessory with Ling’s Moment faux florals:


What You Will Need To Make A Floral Hair Comb:

This DIY project is beginner friendly. If you are using faux flowers as other elements in your wedding, you may have many of these supplies already!

  • Hot glue gun
  • Your creative spirit

Ling’s Moment designer flower boxes come in a variety of flower types, sizes and colors, each with a carefully curated color palette. This allows you to easily create floral arrangements with a blend of faux flowers for any of your DIY wedding projects. We used lilac flower box in the video and after you’ve made this elegant hair comb, get creative with what comes next!

How To Make A Floral Hair Comb:

Step 1: Design your arrangement

Choose a few faux flowers, small branches and leaves and arrange them in the rough shape you would like. Now is the time to get creative - play around with different shapes, color combinations and sizes to find the arrangement that feels right!

Tip: Choose different sizes of flowers to create dimension in your design. In the video, we removed the outer two layers of petals to make the rose smaller, but we also have petite roses available.

Step 2: Create wire brackets

Take the hair comb and start to attach lengths of wire between the teeth as brackets. Attach one wire per floral accessory - this will make them easy to attach and make for a more sturdy final hair piece. Twist the floral wire with pliers to secure, and clip to size.

Step 3: Attach the flowers

Start to attach the floral arrangement to the wire brackets with hot glue. The base of the faux flowers can also be slid directly onto the wire for extra hold.

Step 4: Make final adjustments

Make any final adjustments - the flexibility of the floral wire brackets means that you can finesse the shape of your design, even once it’s completely assembled.

All finished!

And the final and hardest step… wait patiently for your big day! One of the advantages of creating a purple hair accessory with faux flowers is that you can make it in advance. If you’re having a hair trial, remember to bring it along.

This feminine hair accessory is a stylish and unique finishing touch to your wedding day look. By using Ling’s Moment’s faux flowers, you can rest assure that your floral accessories will perfectly match the rest of your decor. Complete the look by creating one of these elegant hair combs for each of your bridal party, too.

Good luck, and make sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook if you give this gorgeous wedding DIY a go!

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