How to Make a Round Bridal Bouquet

Looking for something beautiful to walk down the aisle for your autumn wedding? That's what we are sharing today! We made a traditional dome shaped bouquet about 9 inches in diameter. See more details below and don't forget to create one for yourself! 

Ingredients and Tools:

  • Foam flowers
  • Rose leaves    
  • Wire stems   
  • Wire cutters    
  • Ribbons 

Step 1 To begin with, hold 3~4 stems of focal flowers. Add in secondary flowers in complementing colors to create a bit of depth. Then tuck in hints of greenery and accents for textures.

Step 2 Continue filling in the other flowers to build a dome shape. Rotate the bundle as you add more and make sure all gaps are filled in. 

Step 3 Bind with wire stems or floral tape around the base of the bouquet. Trim the stems evenly. Here we trimmed them to about 7 to 8 inches long. 

Step 4 Cut a ribbon at your desired length and wrap it around the handle several times to conceal any floral wire or tape.To finish off, you may even tie a bow knot and leave the trailing long for a chic touch. 

Viola! This hassle-free bridal bouquet would look appealing when you walk down the wedding aisle or it may even repurposed to brighten up your home after the celebration!We would love to see what you create. Please do post a photo and tag us on Instagram so that we can all see!

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