What to Do With Your Bridal Bouquet After The Wedding

Your wedding day was one of the most beautiful days of your life, thanks to your gorgeous Ling’s floral wedding decor. Your wedding planner deserves a pat on the back–especially if you were your own planner. But now that you’re officially a newlywed, what should you do with your wedding bridal bouquet? We’ve got a few ideas.

Because Ling’s moment wedding flowers don’t fade or wilt, you can keep your wedding bouquet on display for years to come. You don’t have to worry about complex and costly preservation methods either. Your flowers will look just as fresh and lovely as they did on your real wedding day, no matter what you choose to use them for.  

Here are some of our favorite ideas on what to do with your Ling’s moment bridal bouquet after the wedding.

Preserve your bouquet in a shadow box 

If you want to keep your bridal bouquet intact, displaying it in a shadow box is an excellent option. A shadow box is one of the best ways to showcase one of your most important wedding day keepsakes. Every time you look at it, you’ll be transported back to your wedding venue and all the special moments you shared with your partner.

If your bouquet is made with Ling’s moment flowers, you don’t have to take any special steps to preserve it. Just place it inside a glass case or frame and display it wherever you like. For a more artistic display, you can also include other mementos from your wedding like a groom’s boutonniere. 

Give your bouquet to a special guest

If you want to share the beauty of your bridal bouquet, consider giving it as a special favor to one of your guests. 

You could choose your maid of honor, a family member like your mother or sister, your best friend, or even someone who couldn’t make it to your ceremony. Receiving your bouquet is a high honor, and whoever you choose is sure to be flattered. 

Repurpose your bouquet in home decor

If you want to find a new purpose for your bridal bouquet, consider giving it new life as a piece of home decor. You can display your bridal bouquet in a custom vase or pot and use it as a centerpiece. It’s an excellent way to bring the beauty of your wedding day into your new life at home. 

Depending on your bouquet’s color scheme, it could even make a fantastic holiday decoration piece, like soft Bridgerton-inspired wedding pastels for Easter, or warm terracotta for a Thanksgiving table spread. This could also be a fantastic way to remember your wedding if it took place around the holiday.

Use individual flowers as bookmarks

If you don’t want to keep your entire bridal bouquet intact, all you need is a pair of scissors or wire cutters to give new life to individual flower stems.  

Consider clipping off individual stems from your bouquet and using them as bookmarks. Use the stems to keep your place in a favorite book, while the blossoms peek out from the top pages. 

For a personal touch, try using them to mark special messages in your wedding guest book. Now whenever you open its pages, you’ll have flowers from your bridal bouquet to greet you. It’s a wonderful way to walk down memory lane after your wedding. Seeing your vivid flowers is an excellent way to make that special moment feel even more real.

Frame flowers in an art piece

If you’re looking for more unique ways to repurpose your bridal bouquet, why not transform them into a work of art? Since your flowers won’t wilt or fade, they’re ideal for art displays. 

You could do something as simple as arranging your flowers in a frame or creating a collage of vivid blossoms inspired by your wedding day. A custom piece of art would also make a wonderful anniversary gift for your partner. The inclusion of flowers from your bouquet will make it all the more special. You can frame it next to pictures that your wedding photographer snapped for a complete display.

Style DIY clothing

Looking for a way to wear your bridal bouquet after the wedding? Try using the blooms from your real wedding bouquet as accent pieces on a handbag or backpack. This is an excellent way to express your unique sense of style long after your wedding day is over. Plus, it’s an exciting way to DIY your wardrobe.  

Bags aren’t the only clothing items you can customize. Shoes and hats are also great candidates for some DIY flair. Try to come up with unique ways to express your personal fashion sense.

Create resin decor

While jewelry is an excellent way to preserve smaller flowers, you can use resin molds to preserve larger blossoms, too. You can create plenty of unique shapes to preserve your flowers, such as pyramids, letters of the alphabet, crystals, or plenty of other unique shapes.

It’s another unique way to create home decor using your bridal bouquet. Plus, you’ll be able to remember your wedding every time you see your DIY creation.

We hope this has given you some fun and thoughtful ideas on how to transform your bridal bouquet after your wedding! We’d love to see the DIY creations that you come up with using our flowers. Feel free to tag us @lingsmoment on Instagram so that the world can see your amazing personal style. And if you need more inspiration, our blog is an excellent place to start.

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