Wedding Venue Decor Checklist 2023

It’s official, you’ve booked a venue for your big day. Congratulations! Having a concrete time, date, and location for your wedding makes everything feel real. But choosing a venue is only the first step.    

The right decor pieces can completely change the look and feel of your venue. They can transform a generic setting into a private wonderland for your sweetheart and your guests. There’s a ton of opportunity to make this your own—it can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together a handy checklist of must-have wedding decor pieces for each part of your venue. These design pieces will be even more special when you craft them by hand! 

Venue Entrance

The entrance of your venue is the first thing guests will see when they arrive. It sets the tone for the rest of your decor and should be consistent with your overall theme. Here are some beautiful decor ideas that can make your venue entrance welcoming and warm! 

1. Welcome Sign

A sign is one of the most straightforward ways to welcome guests to your ceremony. Signs made with rustic wood can lend a natural aesthetic to your decor, especially with floral accents that complement your color scheme. You could also create a DIY sign with your names for a custom touch, or write out a special message welcoming guests to your ceremony. 

2. Check-in book

Your guest book allows your guests to leave their signatures and wish you well on your big day. Create a station for your guest book that encourages guests to leave heartfelt messages. A beautiful floral arrangement is an excellent way to dress up the table. Imagine a lush stream of flowers cascading over the table’s edge, beckoning guests to write in the book. You’re sure to look back on their messages with love.

3. Escort Card Display

If you have pre-arranged seating for your guests, why not dress them up as a statement piece? Create a display for your seating arrangements where guests can easily find their assigned seats for the ceremony or reception. Your display should be not only functional but also beautiful. Use accents like beautiful flowers and sheer fabric to create a lovely presentation for your guests. 


The decor for your ceremony is the most important of all. You want to create more than just a beautiful space, you want to capture a feeling–the love and devotion you feel for your partner. These decorations can help you create the perfect atmosphere for your special moment. 

4. Aisle Decor

When you walk down the aisle, you’re crossing the threshold into your new life. Make your journey memorable by decorating the aisle with beautiful floral arrangements and fabrics. Hang bright flowers on the backs of chairs, or set out lush floral arrangements at the base of pews. Don’t forget finishing touches, like scattered rose petals or flickering candles. Little details make all the difference. 

5. Wedding Arch

The wedding arch is the centerpiece of the ceremony. It’s where you and your beloved will exchange vows, sealing your commitment in front of all your loved ones. Choose an arch that represents your unique design sense. You can use a simple wooden arch for an understated effect, or dress it up with elegant drapery or flowers. This is where you’ll take the most photos on your special day, so you will want to create a picture perfect arch. 

6. Wedding Atmospheric Lights

The right lighting sets the mood and tone for your ceremony. Plus, it makes all the difference for your wedding photos. Flickering lanterns can create a dreamy glow for your special moment. You can line the aisle with them, or set them out around the wedding arch to create a timeless atmosphere that will take your breath away.


After you and your beloved have exchanged your vows and shared your first kiss, it’s time to celebrate! The reception is where you’ll enjoy food, drinks and delicious wedding cake with all your family and friends. It’s also where you’ll share several “firsts” with your sweetheart, like your first dance as a married couple. Make your reception area joyful and inviting with these decor pieces.

7. Centerpieces and Table Runners

Decorating the tables is one of the best ways to make a special dinner memorable. If you’re using banquet tables, fabric table runners and long flower garlands or long greenery garlands can add an elegant touch. For rounded tables, elegant centerpieces are a stylish choice. Lastly, you will not want to forget the head table, try a bountiful floral swag.  

8. Ceiling Decor

With all the excitement happening on the ground, don’t forget about the ceiling! Decorating every level of your venue will add layering to your design, which will create an immersive effect for your reception. Hang draping fabrics or floral arrangements from the ceilings, or create a waterfall of lush greenery and flowers hanging from a balcony. Just be mindful of any candles or light fixtures that might create a fire hazard. Your reception should be both beautiful and safe. 

9. Photo Backdrops

Creating a photo backdrop for your reception can be a fun way to capture memories! Use an array of beautiful decor pieces like curtains, flowers, or lights. Then arrange them to create a stylish backdrop for photos, where both you and your guests can snap shots as you dance the night away. It’s an excellent way to create a reception that’s truly special–and that you’ll remember forever. 

We hope you’ve found these ideas useful for your special Ling’s Moment! 

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