Tropical Sorbet Vibes from our Newest Color Collection

Summer is a time for adventure and travel. It’s a season to broaden your horizons and explore new destinations, or relax on the beach and watch the world go by.

Create summer vibe with tropical decorations

This year, your summer adventure is more than just an ordinary vacation — it’s the year you’ll celebrate an unforgettable destination wedding with your partner. Because, after all, why should you save all the summer getaway vibes for your honeymoon?

Our Tropical sorbet color collection can help you capture beachy or tropical wedding themes — or just bring summer vibes to your special day. Discover the inspiration behind our newest collection below, along with a sneak peek of the beautiful moments you could easily create.

Your Tropical Wedding Color Palette

To design this soft sherbert hues palette, we blended faux flowers in shades of refreshing citrus and pink together. Think botanical orchid buds, birds of paradise, and calla lilies.

Color Palette of Tropical Cirtrus and Pink Wedding

As accents, vibrant faux leaves like tropical ferns and fan palms help bring lush botanical vibes to your floral arrangements. When you blend it all together, the result is a refreshing tropical sorbet made for summer celebrations.

Tropical Pink Wedding Ceremony

Imagine this: It’s a serene morning in Maui, and the sun peeks from behind the clouds to shine on the water.

You’ve created so many memories on this island, photographing its natural beauty and finding inner serenity in the water. What better place to say “I do” surrounded by family and friends?

Sheltered beside the trees, a wedding arch adorned with sheer linen and vibrant flowers sits waiting for you in front of the beach. A bamboo mat sign adorned with lush flowers and pineapple accents welcomes your guests to this gorgeous scene. They take their seats and wait for you to make your appearance.

Flat arch in tropical citrus and pink Sign flowers in tropical citrus and pink

Your bridesmaids glide down the aisle ahead of you, carrying bouquets that pop with citrus and pink tones. As your maid of honor, your best friend also wears a vibrant shoulder corsage as a special touch.

Free-Form bridesmaid bouquets in tropical citrus and pink Shoulder corsages in tropical citrus and pink

A cool island breeze tousles your hair, and you can smell sea salt in the air. You take off your heels and walk barefoot through the grass. The ribbons from your handmade flower crown trail down your back.

You feel radiant carrying your bridal bouquet, which cascades like a jungle waterfall. Your partner’s bold pocket square complements it beautifully, and it ties your wedding attire together on this balmy summer day.

Cascade bridal bouquet in tropical cirtus and pink Pocket boutonniere in tropical cirtus and pink

Your guests watch you exchange vows and rings from their places in the shade. When the cool breeze fails, they create their own with the handmade wicker fans in their seats.

Bamboo chair with wicker fan on it

When you finally kiss, a camera flashes, and you can’t contain the smile that spreads over your face.

Tropical Themed Wedding Reception

At your reception, you and your partner wait out the hottest part of the day by feeding each-other fresh fruit as you watch the water lap on the shore. Floral swags hang lazily from your sweetheart table, helping you carry out the color scheme in your reception.

Head table floral swags in tropical citrus and pink

Your guests dine at their own banquet tables, overflowing with the same vibrant flowers that complete your tropical citrus wedding theme. Their laughter blends together with the soft sound of the waves. You close your eyes and savor the moment.

When it’s time to celebrate, you and your partner don your coolest shades and party like the main characters in a vintage beach movie. You can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon, surrounded by the people you love in paradise.

While you’re busy dancing, you didn’t want to miss a single moment of your guests' joy. So, you left out a polaroid camera where your loved ones can snap photos of themselves. The beautiful floral centerpiece sitting in a pineapple vase draws their eyes, so they don’t miss it. You’ll use the photos they leave behind to make a scrapbook once you’re home.

A small table with a camera and a tropical-style centerpiece

Afternoon cools into evening, and your guests filter away. Then you and your partner share another glass of champagne from your private bungalow and watch the sunset together. You couldn’t have imagined a more picture-perfect day if you’d tried.

Back on the mainland, you repurpose your bouquet as a centerpiece and use it to crown your mantle. Every time you glance at it, you can still feel the island breeze in your hair and smell the sea salt. It’s a souvenir from the happiest day of your life, and it fills your heart with the same joy without fail.

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