Meet The Elegant and Cozy Dusty Blue & Navy Collection Refresh

“Love is like the sea. It's a moving thing, but still and all, it takes its shape from the shore it meets, and it's different with every shore.” 

 -Zora Neale Hurston.

The ocean constantly shifts and changes, bringing in new wonders with every passing tide. Life with your partner also brings endless new experiences to discover and adventures to embark on. It’s a no-brainer, then, for you to exchange your wedding vows beside the cool summer sea.

With gradient shades of blue as rich and vast as the water, our Dusty Blue & Navy color collection was designed to express the depths of your romance. Now, you can express yourself in a whole new way, thanks to the brand-new styles and designs in this color collection refresh.

Discover the inspiration behind this collection below, and envision more dreamy Dusty Blue & Navy wedding ideas.

What’s the Significance of the Color Blue in Weddings?

“Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue.”  

 -Traditional Old English Wedding Rhyme

Traditionally, brides often carry “something blue” on their wedding day to represent loyalty. However, the depths of blue’s color language can go beyond the promise of faithfulness.

Bride in dusty blue wedding dress and groom kissing on the beach

The color blue is often associated with feelings of calmness, serenity, and peace. It’s the sky peeking out from the clouds after a raging storm, or the refreshing lake at your summer vacation retreat. On your wedding day, blue also can represent the calming and reassuring presences that your partner’s love brings to your life.

But no matter what blue means to you personally, it can help you create a dynamic and rich color story that’s sure to lead to romantic wedding pictures — especially if you stage your ceremony by the water.

Meet the Dusty Blue and Navy Wedding Color Palette

In our refreshed collection, rich shades of navy evoke the mysterious depths of the ocean, while  pale dusty blue tones help set a softer, gentler scene, like the sky on a balmy summer afternoon. 

Accents of creamy white remind us of waves washing along the shore, providing a neutral touch that blends beautifully with your wedding dress. Blended together, these carefully selected tones create a cool and breezy look that’s tailor-made for summer romance.

A dusty blue and  navy wedding

What Flowers Go with a Dusty Blue Wedding Theme?

As a soft and pastel color, dusty blue pairs well with natural, whimsical blossoms.

We chose an eclectic selection of flowers in this collection, including roses, gardenias, and posies. Sage greenery provides a lush, yet beachy accent and the ideal neutral shade to balance out the more vibrant gradients.

What flowers don’t go with a dusty blue wedding theme?

Dusty blue is an incredibly versatile color, allowing it to work well with a variety of flowers, including roses, morning glory, and more. However, dusty blue’s sister shade, navy, works best as the most intense shade in the palette. Flowers in other rich shades, like black roses or deep violets, are best reserved for other color combos — like Pumpkin Orange & Black, or Lilac & Gold.

Fortunately, though, you don’t have to worry about pairing flowers together on your own with this Dusty Blue & Navy color collection — since Ling’s has already done the work for you.

As you imagine the cool waves lapping against your toes, come steal a glimpse of what your wedding day could hold with this refreshing floral color palette.

Your Dreamy Dusty Blue & Navy Wedding-Themed Ceremony

“See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me.” -Moana

It’s mid-morning on a balmy early summer day, just before the heat of the season begins to set in. You and your partner have always loved combing the beach for buried treasure and taking long walks along the shore hand-in-hand. Now, you’ll officially become a married couple with the sea’s infinite horizon as your backdrop.

The bride and groom clasp fingers

Your personality shines through in every detail of your cozy yet elegant dusty blue wedding decorations — down to the last seashell and rose petal.

A Navy Welcome Sign

As your guests enter your cozy beachside oasis, a decorative flower sign welcomes them to the beginning of your newest, biggest adventure. 

Rich navy roses and powdery blue posies frame this message, along with a flourish of sage greenery. Jugs of beachy sand and a free-standing floral arrangement sit proudly at the base, while the scattered sand and flower petals add textural interest.

Sign flowers in dusty blue and navy

It’s the perfect way to introduce your overall theme and aesthetic to your guests. The cool color palette is as refreshing as the ocean breeze as they find their seats.

A Beachy Blue Wedding Aisle

Your wedding aisle is waiting for you on the pale grass. Right now, it’s still and quiet, yet brimming with excitement — just like the sea it overlooks.

You chose wooden chairs in a pale shade, since they remind you of the driftwood you often see scattered throughout the sand. Sheer linens drape across the chairs on the outer rows, while small bursts of navy and dusty blue roses anchor them in place. These beautiful chair decorations line the aisle for you.

Pew flowers in dusty blue and navy

On the outer edge of the aisle, you continue the driftwood theme with small decorative lanterns accented with lush florals and greenery. The tiny starfish you found buried in the sand provide an adorable coastal touch. 

Wood lanterns decorated with dusty blue and navy flower garlands

Surrounded by these elegant design touches, your family and friends take their seats as they enjoy the sun and wind. The centerpiece of your ceremony, your arch, frames the endless ocean.

Your Dusty Blue & Navy Wedding Arch

The wedding floral arch is the true heart of any wedding ceremony — and yours doesn’t disappoint.

The birchwood posts stand tall as lush greenery and boughs of vibrant blue and navy flowers drape luxuriously down. It’s like a canopy from a secret garden lounging by the beach.

At the arch’s base, more decorative wooden lanterns filled with candles sit, accompanied by powder blue and white floral arrangements that seem to spring from the grass. It’s little details like these that help the whole scene exude coastal elegance. There’s only one key element missing from this picture: You and your partner.

A wedding arch decorated with dusty blue and navy flowers and lush greenery

Your Dusty Blue & Navy Bridal Flowers

“Dance with the waves. Move with the sea. Let the rhythm of the water set your soul free.”  –Christy Ann Martine

After spending the morning preparing by a rustic cottage near the shore, you’re finally ready to start the show. You give the signal to your maid of honor, and she sets things in motion. Your wedding procession then begins in earnest.

Your Bridesmaids and Their Blue Bouquets

The gentle tones of your favorite acoustic songs fill the air, giving your bridesmaids their queue to embark down the aisle.

Rather than selecting a uniform dress for everyone, you wanted your favorite ladies to feel comfortable and express their own personalities. So, every bridesmaid wears a billowy sundress in different shades of white and dusty blue. Each dress features a different cut, style and pattern, but their rounded bridesmaid bouquets unite their looks together. They look like they’ve stepped from the pages of a vintage beach-day scrapbook.

Round bridesmaid bouquets in dusty blue and navy

As a special token for your maid of honor, you give her a shoulder corsage made from a dusty blue morning glory flower and accents of rosebuds and pearls. It’s a fitting gift for the person who’s been your rock throughout your wedding journey — and you love the way it complements her off-shoulder gown.

A dusty blue shoulder corsage with morning glory flower and other accessories on it

Your Dusty Blue Bridal Look

With your bridesmaids waiting for you to join them, you take a deep breath and make your way down the aisle. 

You’ve chosen a deep-cut, sleeveless gown that allows you to feel the warm sun on your skin, and you love how the full skirt catches the wind. It's like an elegant, upscale sundress, perfect for a day spent by the shore.

To bring in a splash of your coastal color palette, your free-form bridal bouquet flows with peonies, poppies, roses, and gardenias in a refreshing gradient of blue and navy tones. The ribbons dance in the breeze like a mermaid’s sparkling tail. The white roses and other blossoms help complement your dress, while the navy and blue tones help you complement your overall color palette.

Round bridal bouquet in dusty blue and navy

Your Partner’s Dashing Blue and Navy Wedding Attire

Waiting for you beneath the canopy of navy flowers, your partner stands like a lighthouse guiding you home.

Rather than harsh black, they’ve donned a dusty blue suit that harmonizes with your coastal color palette. A small navy boutonniere pinned to their lapel complements the flowers in your bouquet, tying your looks together harmoniously. 

The groom in dusty blue suit wears a blue boutonniere

These visual anchors help you tell your story: You belong together, not just in this moment, but forever.  You cement this fact by pouring separate vials of sand from the beach into a single jar and officially become one, like you were always meant to be.

A Dusty Blue and Navy Wedding Reception

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." 

 -Jacques Yves Cousteau

After your first kiss, the cheers of your family and friends blend with the sounds of crashing waves and seagulls cawing overhead. You’re now officially a married couple. There’s only one way to celebrate — beach party!

The couple kiss each other at the sweetheart table

Your Dusty Blue and Navy Tablescapes

Offset from your ceremony area, your guests sit at long, wooden banquet tables that overflow with coastal charm.

A sheer dusty blue table runner stretches across each table’s length, while floral centerpieces of navy, blue, and white weave throughout the table’s center. Colored glasses and wicker placemats maintain the elegant coastal vibe, while candles in bronze holders add just the right touch of romance.

A guest table with dusty blue floral centerpieces, starfish and tableware on it

Your guests relax by the shore and help themselves to a refreshing menu of grilled fruits, veggies, and meat as they chat and mingle with each other. It’s like a cozy and upscale seaside picnic.

Your Beachy Blue Wedding Head Table

A short walk away from your guests, your head table rests directly on the sand. The extra distance helps give you privacy, while still allowing you to feel the presence of your loved ones close by.

The flourishing flower garland crowns the center of your table and steadies the sheer tablecloth that dances like seafoam in the wind. The texture of the cloth almost reminds you of a fishing net adrift in the waves.

More wooden lanterns sit at the table’s base, and the candles mix the scent of French Vanilla with the ocean salt. You wish you could bottle this up like perfume.

The sweetheart table decorated with white table cloth and dusty blue and navy flower garland

You and your partner don’t speak. Instead, you’re content to sip champagne from your elegant glasswork goblets and listen to the crashing waves, content to watch the world go by. You kick off your heels and bury your feet in the warm sand, grounding yourself in a moment that you want to cherish forever.


“Eternity begins and ends with the ocean’s tides,” -Unknown.

Your picture-perfect summer day dissolves into a dusky beachside evening. You and your partner retreat back to the same beachside cottage where you prepared for your wedding day, and you spend the next few days lounging there and enjoying each other’s company. You don’t need to hop on a plane or a boat to find your honeymoon destination. Instead, you’re right where you want to be. All you need to do now is relax, after all your hard work wedding planning.

When it’s time to head dome, you take your flowers and decorations with you, along with your vial of sand and a few other souvenirs you plucked from the beach.

You display your bridal bouquet in one of the colored glass vases from your ceremony. Though the years pass by, the flowers still look as fresh and lifelike as they did on your beautiful blue wedding day by the sea. When you hold it in your hands again, it’s like you can still feel the sand between your toes, and the memories wash over you like refreshing waves on the shore.

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