Make the Most of Your First Christmas Together

The cheerful month of December is finally upon us. It’s that time of year when the world is merry and bright thanks to the festive holiday season. Joyous laughter and celebration will fill this month, along with new memories with loved ones.

If this happens to be your first Christmas with your partner, why not make it one to treasure forever? After all, this year will be the first time you two countdown the days till Christmas together and celebrate as a couple. No matter what you have planned for Christmas, there are plenty of things you can do together that you will cherish later.

Today, we will share a few meaningful activities to make the most of your first Christmas together.

Create Special Ornaments Together

Celebrate this first Christmas together by creating little ornaments. These little keepsakes are ones you can bring out and hang on your tree for years to come.

Plus, they’re easy to make! All you need to do is fill a large clear ornament with small items that represent your winter love story. This could include silk rose petals, glitter snow, mini trees, small photos of you two, and any other items that fit with your couple's story.

You both can get even more creative by painting the outside of the ornament or tying a ribbon into a cute bow on top!

Exchange Christmas Love Notes

Start a new tradition of exchanging special love notes. You can choose to buy premade cards or make one yourself. What matters most is the message you write inside. And don’t forget the finishing touches like tying your notes in ribbons for a romantic feeling!

You’ll both enjoy writing, reading, and cherishing these Christmas love notes every year.

Make a 'Forever' Christmas Centerpiece

Another fun way to make your first time spending Christmas together special is to make a floral centerpiece. It’s the perfect way to display your love and decorate the Christmas table for years to come.

And don’t worry, this is an easy DIY  project. Just follow our tutorial!

Have Fun Decorating Together

What’s Christmas without merry decorations? Start the tradition of decorating your home together by bringing out the holiday wreaths, garlands, and mistletoe!

You can make the most of this moment by turning on your favorite Christmas songs and decorating your home with festive Ling’s Moment decor. Our Christmas collection has everything you need to create a whimsical space for holidays including red & sparkle designer flower boxes, garlands, and wreaths.

This year will be the first time you countdown the days til Christmas together, so make it a magical memory with these unique activities.

And if you happen to use our florals for Christmas, tag us @lingsmoment on IG and share your photos!

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