How to Create A Timeless Wedding Day

Do you dream of wedding photos that transcend time? If you want your wedding day to look like it could've taken place yesterday or fifty years ago, you may be wondering: How can you capture a timeless wedding theme?

While trends can come and go, some wedding staples – like white color palettes, elegant florals, and delicate fabrics – will never go out of style. So, if you need help pulling all your classical wedding ideas together, we’ve got you covered. 

Below, find ways you can help your wedding exude timeless romance, with classic wedding color palettes, themes, decorations, and more. 

What makes a wedding feel timeless?

“Love is timeless. It’s memories of yesterday, the happiness of today, and the promise of tomorrow.” -Unknown.

While taking inspiration from today can help your wedding feel fresh and exciting, there’s no denying that some wedding trends tend to age better than others. (We’re looking at you, 80s puffy wedding dress sleeves.) 

In contrast, a timeless wedding theme uses elements that will still look classy for years to come. This means you’ll end up foregoing current trends for time-tested themes, floral decorations, and attire choices. Of course, no one really knows what will be “in” or “out” 20 years from now. But you can get a pretty good hint by looking back at wedding photos from the distant past. 

Start digging through old family photo albums or vintage weddings from the internet. Take note of the elements that would still look stunning today. You’ll probably notice a few key features in common, like brides in white, lace accents on table spreads, and neutral flowers and decorations. Now, all you need to do is take these common elements and use them to create your own classical wedding theme.

How to create a classical wedding theme

Keeping all this in mind, here are a few ways you can bring a timeless quality to every element throughout your special day. 

Choose classical wedding colors 

Color can be a key way to express yourself and your current aesthetic. But while you might be into a dark and moody palette today, your future self may prefer soft pastels. Thankfully, neutral color palettes never really go out of style. So, even if your taste changes, your flowers and decorations will still hold up in your photos.

Timeless wedding color palettes we never tire of seeing include the following options. 

White and sage 

You can’t get more classical than white for a wedding. So, consider turning to shades of snowy white for your wedding florals. We enjoy pairing white with sage greenery to create a classical, refined color palette that will look beautiful in any season, venue, or theme.

Various wedding floral arrrangements in white

White & Beige 

If pure white is too stark for your taste, consider pairing it with other neutral shades, like cream, beige, and soft pink. This elegant color palette will allow you to enjoy a gradient of soft shades that will still feel refined for years to come.

Various wedding floral arrrangements in beige

Blue & Navy

It’s traditional for brides to feature “something blue” in their wedding attire. So, why not bring blue touches into your overall color palette? Shades like dusty blue or navy can bring a dash of coolness into a variety of color palettes – and they can even look gorgeous together!

Various wedding floral arrrangements in blue

Dusty Rose

Pink has long been considered a color that captures romance and sweetness. So, it’s always in style for weddings. We’re fond of dusty rose, since it’s a more sophisticated shade of pink that works well with a variety of other neutral tones, like cream, beige, or navy.

Various wedding floral arrrangements in dusty rose

Romantic marsala

If you’d prefer a color palette with a more deep or sultry look, try turning to Marsala florals. As a pink shade, it can evoke romance in your designs, and you’ll enjoy a darker tone in your wedding photos.

Various wedding floral arrrangements in marsala

Sunset terracotta 

The natural world is home to a variety of classic color palettes, like the red and orange gradients of a fall forest. So, why not channel these warm vibes into your wedding color palette?

Various wedding floral arrrangements in terracotta

We love Terracotta for weddings in the late summer or fall because it’s earthy and elegant, allowing it to match the autumnal landscape. You’ll always look timeless when your color palette matches the landscape!

Select a timeless venue

Think of your wedding venue as the cake, and your flowers and decorations as the icing. Your venue is the base for all the extra details and embellishments you’ll layer on. So, when possible, we recommend looking for venues with an overall neutral palette and classical design sense. That way, you won’t need to worry about design choices that might look dated in your photos. 

A few classic wedding locations to consider include: 

  • Historic landmark. Does your hometown house a historic site, like a museum or a mansion? Try turning to a local landmark for your wedding venue.
  • Church or Chapel. Wedding ceremonies will always be right at home at churches, mosques, synagogues, and other religious locations. Plus, you can’t get more classic than a little white chapel. 
  • Garden or forest. Nature will never go out of style. So, consider hosting at outdoor venues, like botanical gardens or a national park. You can always set up a tent as a backup plan, in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. 
  • Lake or beach. Do you dream of having shimmering water as your backdrop? If so try taking your wedding day to the lake or beach, and letting nature be your stylist.

Decorate with classic wedding decor

Once you’ve chosen your venue and color palette, it’s time to recreate your Pinterest inspirations with floral decorations. The following venue decorations can look gorgeous for classical weddings. 

Classical centerpieces

Floral centerpieces provide an elegant and easy way to upgrade your wedding tablescapes. For example, these dusty rose arrangements bring spring charm to an understated tablescape. The lace table runner places the natural wood table on display, creating a look of understated sophistication.

A few flower centerpieces placed on a reception table

Greenery Garlands 

Of course, you don’t always need an abundance of flowers to make a wedding venue look stylish. Just have a look at this beautiful Eucalyptus garland. It makes this tablescape feel natural and elevated, without overdoing it. Beyond your guest tables, it would also look classy draped across a sweetheart table or a fireplace mantle.

A greenery garland laid on a table

Elegant altar decorations

If you’re saying “I do” in a chapel, you don’t want to overwhelm the quiet elegance of your venue. These free-standing floral arrangements would look lovely lining your aisle or at the base of your altar or arch. Their neutral color palette ensures that they’ll look right at home in a variety of venue options.

Two standing floral arrangements placed together

How do I look timeless for my wedding?

Beyond the decorations you choose for your venue, your attire can also make a massive impact on the timelessness of your wedding. After all, you may not even think about trends like hairstyles and dress cuts, until they’re suddenly out of fashion. (Just think about your side part and knee-high Converse from middle school.) 

The following ideas can help you choose wedding attire that will help you look as classy on the outside as you feel on the inside. 

Choose a timeless dress

Obviously, white has been the classical color choice for brides since Queen Victoria herself started the trend. But beyond the color, there are many timeless wedding dress styles to consider including: 

  • Ballgown-style dresses, with a billowy skirt
  • A-line dresses with a sleek silhouette
  • Lace accents or overlayers

For a good example, just turn to Ling’s Bride Cindy. Her lace bridal gown features a classical silhouette, sheer sleeves, and a sweetheart neckline that looks beautiful with her understated pearl necklace.

A bride holding a flower bouquet

A classical bridal bouquet

A bridal bouquet will always be a timeless way to complete your bridal look. Beyond choosing the color palette, it’s also a good idea to consider the shape. Rounded bouquets always look classical, but we’re also fond of free-form designs, which remind us of natural wildflowers.

Two brides holding flower bouquets

Don’t forget your flower choice, either! Some blossoms will always make a design look timeless, like roses, dahlias, gardenias, or buttercups. 

Choose a sharp suit

When it comes to men’s formalwear, you can’t go wrong with a well-tailored suit. Suits from the 40s and 50s can look as suave as today’s selections. 

When it comes to tailoring, try to avoid any trendy cuts for pant legs. (like bell-bottomed suits from the 70s.) It’s also a good idea to stick to time-tested colors, like black, gray, or navy. We also suggest pairing it with a solid color tie, so you don’t have to worry about patterns going out of style.  

Take a hint from Ling’s groom Trey, who chose a stylish grey suit paired with a burgundy tie and boutonniere for a dash of sophisticated color. 

A couple hugging each other with a bouquet in hand

More ways to celebrate a classical wedding theme

Of course, you can do more to make your wedding feel timeless than just the visual elements. Paying attention to the following factors could give your wedding day an extra special level of elegance.

Fill your soundtrack with iconic hits

You can immerse your guests into your timeless wedding theme by filling your wedding playlist with golden oldies. Think Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, or The Beatles. But don’t be afraid to add hits from the 90s or 2000s to your soundtrack – it’s definitely not too early to consider Bruno Mars’s “Marry You” a classic!

Curate a time-tested menu

Don’t forget your menu, either! Now’s your chance to curate a classical selection of food for a formal dinner, like steak and baked potatoes, roasted chicken and veggies, or prime rib aus jus. It’s also a good idea to pay attention to the current season, so you can offer veggies that are fresh and delicious. 

Pick a classical cake

When it comes to your wedding cake, you can’t go wrong with neutral white frosting and flower accents. If vanilla is too safe for your taste, consider bringing in another classical flavor for complexity, like lemon or coconut. Your refined tastes can provide a sweet way to close out your wedding reception!

Conclusion: How to create a timeless wedding day

We hope these ideas will give you the inspiration you need to plan the classical wedding day of your dreams! By selecting time-tested design choices, you can make a wedding day that feels just as fresh and beautiful in the future as it does today. Your love and joy will never go out of style.

A bride holding an orange flower bouquet

And if you’re on the lookout for wedding flowers that will always look beautiful, Ling’s Moment is here to help. Our designer flowers come in time-tested color palettes that look classy for any wedding. Plus, they’ll never fade away or wilt! You can keep your bridal bouquet as a memento, and it’ll always look just as fresh and natural as the day you said “I do.” These flowers are literally timeless! 

For more inspiration, have a look at other Ling’s Brides who created timeless looks for their wedding days on our blog. 

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