How to Choose the Best Greenery Garlands for Your Wedding Decor

When it comes to wedding decor and floral design, garlands are a timeless staple. These long, draping arrangements of greenery are a versatile way to invite the influence of nature into your wedding decorations. Garlands add texture, color and feeling to any element of your wedding day, and can work well with a huge range of wedding themes, color palettes and seasons.

Terracotta floral arch placed on grass

But how do you choose your wedding garlands? To help you decide, we’ve put together this decor guide featuring tips on how to choose garlands of the right size, greenery type and number of flowers. Read on to find inspiration and learn how to style garland wedding decor for your wedding day.

What is a wedding garland?

A garland is a braid of foliage or flowers that can be hung, draped or looped into a wreath. At a wedding ceremony or reception, a garland can be placed as decor to mark the importance of the day and add some unique style.

A greenery garland placed on a dining table A flower garland placed on a dining table

How do I choose a wedding garland?

Wedding greenery garlands come in a beautiful range of sizes and colors, and can be made with virtually any type of foliage and flowers. This allows you a lot of design freedom when choosing a wedding garland. But the sheer number of options can also make the deciding more difficult!

As you consider the elements that go into your garlands, there are some factors that can influence your choice. When considering your garland choice, it helps to refer to:

  • Your wedding theme
  • Your decor color palette
  • Your wedding venue
  • The season in which you’re getting married
Flower garlands of different colors sit on table

All of these elements can help kickstart the inspiration process behind choosing your wedding garland, and help narrow down your process.

But before you make any final decisions on your wedding garland decor, it’s important to understand how you’ll be using them on your big day!

What are garlands used for?

Greenery and floral garlands are an incredibly versatile type of decor that can be used at any step in your wedding day. From the sophisticated wedding ceremony to a bubbly cocktail hour to your exuberant reception dinner, garlands will always work to elevate the space and add personality. Here are some ideas on ways to include a greenery garland into your wedding day.


A wedding arch is a traditional structure that stands at the end of the aisle, but there are many ways to make yours feel interesting and modern. If you’re planning on having a wedding arch or chuppah at the end of your wedding aisle, then a garland is a gorgeous way to decorate it. Garlands are versatile and can be draped over the entire arch or just over a corner or section. You can also have multiple garlands of different lengths and fullnesses over your arch, creating visual interest and a totally unique ceremony backdrop.

Assorted flower arrangements put on a wooden arch and table


The wedding aisle is an important part of any wedding, as both you and your guests will walk down it at some point. It also serves as an introduction to your wedding theme! It’s only right, then, that you want your wedding aisle decor to feel right for your style. Garlands are an easy and effective way to decorate your wedding aisle and make it feel bespoke to you and your fiance.

You could lay garlands along the ground on each side of the aisle, or they could be hung in the air from chair to chair. Whether you add them the whole way down the aisle, just at the beginning, or delicately placed at different points along the aisle, a garland is a foolproof way to add texture, color and romance to your wedding aisle.

Draping chair decorations

Another way to add garlands to your wedding aisle is to use them as chair decor. Rather than having the greenery running down the length of the aisle, they can be draped over the back of the chairs lining the aisle instead. This style of decorating is perfect if you are going for subtle decor, or they can be used to mark the aisles reserved for immediate family.

Lilac pew flowers clipped on wooden chairs

Guest table centerpiece garland

Another timeless way to use garlands in your wedding decor is to create a garland centerpiece. Wedding tables can be a great way to express your creativity and style, and garlands can add both volume and texture to your reception tables. Drape a garland along a rectangular table, or turn it into a wreath for a round table.

Sepia flower garland put on a wedding headtable A burgundy and navy garland placed on a reception table

Don’t be afraid to stop there, either. A garland is a great foundational piece for any wedding decor, and can easily be built upon with extra decor such as candles or bouquets. You could even customize each garland to provide a slightly different vibe to each of your guest tables - a truly unique touch!

Sweetheart table decor

If you and your new spouse are planning on sitting at your own table at the wedding reception, then a garland is a perfect way to elevate the sweetheart table and make it stand out from the rest. When choosing a sweetheart table garland, you should choose one that is fuller, longer or more colorful than the rest. You two are the most important guests, after all!

A wedding headtable decorated with assorted floral arrangements

Elevated signage

Wedding signage can be both a decor choice and a logistical necessity, especially if you’re getting married at a unique location. Signs can be used to point your guests in the right direction, let them know which table they’re on, or display a drinks menu. However you choose to add signs to your wedding, garlands are a classic way to make them feel more aligned with your wedding theme.

Dusty blue flower garland placed on a wooden sign

What is the best greenery for a garland?

When choosing your garland, the type of greenery can impact the final feeling and style. You should consider the tone of green, the size of the leaves and fullness of the garland to help narrow down your choice. Some favorite types of greenery for a garland include eucalyptus, willow leaf, rose banksia vine and rose leaf garlands. Each of these is a gorgeous choice and can help create your wedding vibe.

Different types of greenery garlands put on the reception table
For example, a faux eucalyptus garland is a great choice for a wedding that has earthy, boho vibes or is being held in the summer. The soft green tone and famous hardiness of eucalyptus makes even a faux garland look right at home at a modern desert wedding or earthy farm celebration.

What is the standard wedding garland size?

Choosing the size of your wedding garland is another important step in planning your wedding decor. A garland can range from 1 ft to 10 ft+, and it all depends on what you want to use it for. In general, however, a standard wedding garland size is 6 ft. This is a great size for any type of decor, and can easily be stacked or layed end-to-end to make a larger arrangement.

A reception table decorated with tableware, linens, and flower garland

However, if you’re decorating something small like a table or large like a wedding arch, don’t be afraid to try different sizes of garlands to create your perfect look.

More tips for a perfect garland for your wedding

To really make the most of your wedding garlands, here are some tips for how to hang or arrange them to create your bespoke decor:

  • Add small loops of wire along the length of your garland to make it easy to hang from a hook or fishing line.
  • Twist the end of two or more garlands together to make a long, continuous floral arrangement.
  • Add extra flowers to your garland from our Designer Flower Boxes to create movement and rhythm along the length of your garland decor.
  • Use a garland as an easy “throw on” piece of decor during those impromptu wedding photos, like arriving down a staircase or driving away as newlyweds.

How much greenery do I need for a garland?

The amount of greenery you need for a wedding garland is a personal choice, and will come down to how full you want the final decor to be. Both trailing tendrils of vines and lush, abundant greenery work for wedding garland decor, and both can help add to the unique vibe of your wedding day.

How many flowers do you need for a wedding garland?

How many flowers you use on your garland will also depend on the rest of your wedding decor, theme, and where you will use that garland. The great part about a wedding garland is that you can’t have too little or too many flowers - it’s all down to personal preference!

You can even use flowers as a way to differentiate between different elements of your wedding day. For example, you could have larger flowers on your sweetheart table garland in comparison to your wedding table garland centerpieces as a way to make the head table stand out.

As you start to plan your wedding decor, make sure to put wedding garlands on your list of florals. Garlands are a versatile, timeless decoration that can be used to elevate almost any moment on your special wedding day. From getting ready to walking down the aisle to celebrating all night long, garlands are a sophisticated and classy way to include foliage and florals.

Dining table decorated with assorted floral arrangements

And Ling’s Moment makes it easier than ever to find your perfect greenery garland for your wedding. With faux foliage and beautiful flowers in a range of wedding color palettes, there is a garland for any style or theme of wedding. See our full range of wedding garlands for yourself and find inspiration in the timeless beauty of faux flowers from Ling’s Moment. 

And if you plan to adorn your wedding day with garlands from Ling’s Moment, make sure to share it with us! We’d love to see all your special moments over at @lingsmoment on Instagram.

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