Feeling Ethereal: Miyoko & Daniel's Lilac & Gold Spring Wedding

Ah, spring is in the air- and so is love! Are you getting married in the spring, or with springtime colors and looking for inspiration? With muted hues, traditional touches, and lots of love, we're giving you an inside look at how a real couple used our faux flowers to curate a beautiful spring ceremony.

Get ready to take notes from Daniel and Miyoko's ethereal spring wedding!

A spring wedding in hues of Purples, Pinks, and Gold

Joyful, youthful, and vibrant, nature's color palette for spring buzzes with subtle energy and quiet excitement. Here's how Daniel and Miyoko brought the same feeling to their wedding day:

Welcome to our forever

Daniel and Miyoko's welcome sign was simple and beautiful, embossed with 'Welcome to our forever' and decorated by two floral arrangements. A marriage of softened Purples, Pinks, and Creams, the blooms added lovey-dovey vibes to the wooden backboard. Behind the sign, greenery like Satin Pothos and other greenery fell gracefully over the table, adding to the overall look without taking away from the flowers.

A table decorated with wooden signs and flowers

Photo by @theinmansphoto

A perfectly purple (and pink) wedding arch

Drapes in a regal Purple, lighthearted lavender, and pale pink brought movement and flow to the white wedding arch. Roses in shades of Purples and Cream make up most of the floral arrangement. Silver Dollar Eucalyptus acted as a neutral accent, rounding out the more feminine and romantic blooms.

A wedding arch decorated with flowers and drapes

Photo by @theinmansphoto

Tossing sachets of Lavender

We love lavender for its calming scent and delicate appearance, but did you know that it also symbolizes good luck for couples as they start the next chapter of their lives?  

Guests with an aisle seat at Daniel and Miyoko's ceremony found sachets of Lavender with a note that said, "After the newlyweds say 'I do,' toss the petals as they walk by you." By gracing the newly married pair with Lavender, friends, and family symbolically wished them luck on the next part of their journey.

Two bags of lanvender placed on a table

Photo by @theinmansphoto

Honoring family tradition with tea

The couple honored their Asian heritage with a beautifully executed modern take on the traditional tea ceremony. 

Originating from China, the art of the tea ceremony quickly took its place in nearly every culture across Asia. Wedding-wise, serving tea shows respect and gratitude to the bride and groom's families. The tea itself is a symbol of purity, stability, and fertility.

A couple drinking tea before a wedding arch

Photo by @theinmansphoto

Historically, the wedding tea ceremony is performed separately for the bride and groom's relatives, with the groom's affair in the morning and the bride's performed in the afternoon. Daniel and Miyoko, like so many contemporary couples, chose to have their tea time during their wedding ceremony and simultaneously honored both sets of families.

Blooming into the wedding reception

After a beautiful wedding ceremony, spring had sprung for Daniel and Miyoko, and it was time to celebrate with loved ones at their reception. Here's how the duo kept the fresh feeling of the season going at their reception:

Simplicity meets elegance at the head table

Busy doesn't always mean better. Daniel and Miyoko's simple yet elegant head table was dressed with a joyful pastel tablecloth with delicate lace flowers. Handsome wooden chairs, gold accents in the form of plates and candelabras, and a floral garland dotted with Purple blooms encircled the couple as they greeted guests at the reception.

A wedding headtable decorated with flowers and linens

Photo by @theinmansphoto

Spring in the centerpieces

The guest tables echoed the bride and groom's head table, aiming for a less is more approach. Delicate rose petals took the place of full-on flower arrangements, while a candelabra acted as centerpieces. Tea light candles glittered from small gold holders, and guests dined on gilded plates.

Candles and petals placed on a dining table

Photo by @theinmansphoto

A subtly gilded wedding cake

Life's a piece of cake when you're as in love as Daniel and Miyoko. Speaking of cake, the wedding cake was topped with Pink and White roses, a masterpiece in its own right. The cake sat proudly on a tablecloth that almost precisely matched the cherry blossoms outside, yet another nod to the season.

A cake placed on a table

Photo by @theinmansphoto


Daniel & Miyoko's adorable wedding hashtag, #SoochulWannaMarryMi was easy to find in its small golden frame displayed at the reception.

A picture frame placed on a table

Photo by @theinmansphoto

A wedding hashtag creates an easy way for the couple and all other wedding guests to search and find photos on Instagram. Think about it: How many times have you been sent or tagged in pictures of your birthday party, a concert, or other event months after the occasion? Or had so many sent photos from different sources that you can't remember who sent what or where you (hopefully) saved it?

Note: If you're not big on the 'Gram, you can create a Facebook group only for wedding guests, where everyone can post everything in one central spot.

Daniel and Miyoko's Lilac and Gold bridal flowers

At Ling's Moment, we are proud to say we've been there for floral support for so many happy couples on their big day. Each wedding is unique and exciting in its own way, but Daniel and Miyoko's spring affair in Lilac and Gold was truly an honor!

Here's how the beaming couple extended the vibrancy of spring to their ceremony flowers:

The bridal bouquet: a cascade of Lilac and Gold

In her beautifully embellished wedding gown, accessorized by a floral hairpiece and vibrant smile, Miyoko looked as captivating as any spring day.

In the bridal bouquet, Phalaenopsis Orchids immediately catch the eye, while Roses, Gardenia, and Wisteria lend loving support in regal tones of White, Lilac, and Gold. The Orchids cascade dramatically down the front of the arrangement, a parallel to Miyoko's ultra-feminine wedding gown.

A couple hugging each other while standing on a bridge

Photo by @theinmansphoto

Pretty in Pink and Lilac: bridesmaid dresses and bouquets

Keeping with the spring theme, Miyoko's bridesmaids looked lovely in muted pink dresses with lace sprinkled on the shoulders.

Ling's bridesmaid bouquets in Lilac and Gold perfectly offset the tones of the dresses. On a continuous ode to the spring, Roses, creamy Ranunculus, purple Pasque, and Gardenia are the stars of the bouquets. Dusty Miller, whispy Willow leaves, and baby's breath tie the arrangement together with ethereal tones and textures.

A bride and three bridesmaids standing next to each other

Photo by @theinmansphoto

Spring fling forever

Are you falling in love and feeling inspired by Daniel and Miyoko's ethereal spring wedding? Tag us on Instagram at @lingsmoment and show us how these springtime lovers inspired your wedding!

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