Celebrate Your Whimsical Fall Wedding with The Dark Teal & Burnt Orange Collection

Fall is the perfect time for road trips through the mountains and easy-going strolls through the woods with your partner. With a kaleidoscope of colorful foliage to serve as your backdrop, it’s also an incredible season to tie the knot.

As you celebrate your romance, our burnt orange and teal color collection will help you capture the magic and mystery of autumn in all its glory. We’ve refreshed this collection with trendy new designs and floral arrangements sure to breathe new life into your special day.

Below, discover the inspiration behind this color collection refresh and get a sneak peek at what your orange and teal wedding day could look like.

The Dark Teal and Burnt Orange Wedding Color Palette

Orange and blue tones (like teal!) are complements on the color wheel. Meaning, they bring out the best in each other.

Burnt orange evokes the warm and rustic beauty of the fall landscape, while rich teal provides a cool and playful accent color. It’s like a sea of orange maple trees overlooking a woodland lake. If you’re obsessed with the contrast, you’re not alone — we are, too.

And if you’re ready to let your imagination wander, here’s an example of how we imagine the perfect dark teal & burnt orange wedding day.

Wedding decor in dark teal and burnt orange

Your Orange and Teal Fall Wedding Day

It’s early afternoon on your wedding day at a rustic lodge tucked away in the mountains. You and your partner stayed here before while you trekked across the area together, and you spent countless hours hiking the surrounding trails. You couldn’t think of a better place to exchange your vows. Now, you’re finally about to make it happen.

The bridal party in Dark Teal & Orange

After a lazy morning drinking mimosas and enjoying a leisurely brunch, it’s finally time to prepare for the ceremony. And you’re ready to put your own spin on your wedding attire.

Your bridal look AND TEAL & ORANGE BOUQUET

You’ve opted to keep things understated with a flowing, backless white gown you found off the rack. The high slit helps you show off your signature touch — your favorite cowboy boots. Hey, if you’re going to walk down the aisle today, your feet should stay comfortable.

Your free-form bridal bouquet bursts with deep teal roses and gardenias while burnt orange roses and peonies exude warmth. The orange accent branches provide the perfect amount of texture, and you can’t stop running your fingers through the ribbons.

Free form bridal bouquet in dark teal and burnt orange


While you’re still finishing up your look, your bridesmaids follow your lead and finish their preparations.

You want them to stay comfortable and express their own sense of style. So, you’ve opted to let them choose their own dresses in shades that complement your dark teal wedding colors — like deep navy and gold.

Rather than traditional bouquets, they carry unique hoop bridesmaid bouquets featuring the same burnt orange blossoms as your own bouquet. It helps tie their looks together with the overall color palette, while still creating a totally unique flair.

Hoop brides maid bouquets in dark teal and burnt orange


You can hear your partner’s friends teasing them in the neighboring room. They've never been one for tuxes and bowties kind of guy — and you love that about them. Instead, they echo your rustic vibes by opting for a white shirt and neutral pants paired with an unbuttoned vest.

They pin a boutonniere made from a budding teal rose and orange accent leaves to the vest — on the left side, above their heart. It’s a subtle nod to the teal wedding color palette, and it polishes off his attire perfectly.

Boutonniere with teal rose and orange flowers on it

Your Dark Teal and Burnt Orange Wedding Ceremony

As a bright afternoon becomes a moody October evening, it’s finally time for the show to start. Your guests filter into the back gardens behind the lodge. The surrounding forest frames the scene and draws them into the private oasis you’ve created just for this moment.

A welcoming entrance IN TEAL AND ORANGE

To greet your guests, your maid of honor handwrote a message on a chalkboard sign. The bright orange and teal sign flowers frame your welcoming message, while lanterns at the base add a rustic touch.

Deluxe welcome sign flowers in teal and orange

They take their seats in the wooden chairs lining the aisle and enjoy the gentle breeze filtering through the trees.

Your teal and orange wedding aisle

With everything in place, you rock back and forth on your heels and survey the scene: Free-standing floral arrangements mark the entrance to the wedding aisle. They sit atop rustic wooden crates, surrounded by vintage glass bottles. Another set of lanterns flickers for you, like a welcoming beacon to lead you down the trail.

Free standing flowers in dark teal and burnt orange

One by one, your bridesmaids make the journey down the aisle ahead of you. Then, it’s time for you to embark on it yourself. You grip your bouquet tightly, take a deep breath, and you’re off.

Rather than the traditional wedding march, you’ve opted for an acoustic, instrumental version of one of your favorite songs. It puts a spring in your step as you happily stroll down the vintage rug lining your aisle.

The groom and bride walk down the aisle with the witness of their friends and relatives

Your dark teal wedding arch

Your walk down the aisle only takes a few moments, though it feels like forever. But finally, you reach your destination. Your partner is waiting patiently for you, standing in front of a birchwood arch. Thanks to the billowy orange and teal fabric and dramatic flowers, the arch decorations reminds you of a fantasy portal to an enchanted forest. For the moment, though, you’d rather stay in reality.

A arch with flowers and linens in teal and orange on it

You unfold the vows you each wrote on paper and promise to journey through life together from now on. When you seal your promise with a kiss, your best friend captures the moment with a polaroid camera — and you don’t even care that you blinked.

Your Orange and Teal Wedding Reception

You’re officially a married couple! Now it’s time for the extra fun part — food. You head to the neighboring courtyard, which feels especially cozy and magical, thanks to the hanging string lights.


For your guests, you opt for low-to-the-ground guest tables with vintage cushions to sit on instead of chairs.

Rather than cover up the table’s gorgeous wood, a teal table runner creates a bold river of color running through the table’s heart. A lush wedding garland brings greenery and color to the look, while small orange and teal floral centerpieces with dreamy colored-glass vases provide a focal point. As a finishing touch, you even sprinkled in some nuts from the surrounding woods as a natural accent.

Guest table decorated with teal and orange flower garland and candles

The smell of warm food entices your guests to sit down and share conversations and laughter. It’s like having a family picnic on the lawn!


You and your partner supervise the festivities from your head table. A bountiful orange and teal head table floral swag frames the scene and complements your dark teal table runner. To finish off the look, mini centerpieces sit at your feet while candlesticks flicker just for you.

Headtable decorated with teal and orange swags and teal cheesecloth table runner

For your first dinner as an official couple, you chose an eclectic menu of snacks and hors d'oeuvres that remind you of destinations you’ve visited together. The two of you take turns feeding each-other samples and remembering all your previous adventures. When you playfully sneak a taste from your partner’s plate, they return the favor by stealing a kiss.

When afternoon fades into evening, you finish the night by dancing your hearts out together in the grass, surrounded by the love of your friends and family. You don’t even feel the autumnal chill in the air — you feel far too warm, and you never want the feeling to fade.

Teal and Orange Flowers after Your Wedding

After the lanterns have flickered out and you’ve moved on to the next destination, you clip flowers from your bouquet and use them to decorate shelves in your camper van. You can see them every day when you wake up on the road, and they’re always waiting for you when you’re done wandering for the day.

It’s a wonderful memento from the night when you embarked on the biggest adventure of your life — and you can’t wait to see where the journey will lead you next.

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