Bridal Bouquets: How to Choose the Right Size for Your Wedding

Your first dress fitting is on the horizon and invitations are in the mail, but planning and prep for your big day is far from complete. With visions of sunset terracotta table centerpieces and creamy blush ceremony arches dancing in your head, it’s time to finalize your floral plans, including choosing the all-important bridal bouquet.

A bride holds a large terracotta bouquet

When selecting your bridal bouquet, size, shape, and style all play a part. While you might feel a bit like Goldilocks trying to navigate bridal bouquet options, there’s a wedding bouquet out there that’s just right for you.

Cascading or round, small wedding bouquet or large, let Ling’s help pair you with the perfect size bridal bouquet that’ll surely take your breath away.

What Size Should a Bridal Bouquet Be?

The bouquet is an integral part of your bridal look as you carry it through the wedding day, from ceremony to pictures to reception and beyond. Choosing the right size ensures the flowers aren’t weighing you down or getting lost in a sea of frothy tulle and beading.

To guarantee your gorgeous gown and figure aren’t totally obscured by fluffy florals, aim for a bouquet that’s within a few inches of your hip and bust measurements. You’ll likely be holding your bridal bouquet just below your belly button, so consider how the size of your bouquet fits visually with your body shape and dress style.

Guide to Bridal Bouquet Sizes

What is the average length of a bridal bouquet? Just like brides, wedding bouquets come in all shapes and sizes. Try these different dimensions on for size to help you narrow down your bridal bouquet search:

Small Bridal Bouquets

Pretty and petite, small bridal bouquets average around 7”-9” wide. Often used as bridesmaids bouquets, they work well as an easy, breezy bridal bouquet, too. These miniature handhelds are perfect for an intimate courthouse ceremony or romantic elopement — they take up minimal luggage space while providing subtle splashes of color at a reasonable price point, like this small navy blue bouquet

A samll bouquet in dusty blue and navy

Standard Bridal Bouquets

Balancing portability and eye-catching detail, standard bridal bouquets are typically 11”-13” in diameter and work well in a variety of shapes, from round to cascading. Try a standard bouquet in white and beige for the perfect amount of soft, petaled texture in delicate blush and neutral tones for a classic bridal look.

A standard bridal bouquet in white and beige

Large Bridal Bouquets

Large bridal bouquets are typically 13”-15” in diameter, complementing your wedding style with eye-catching style. You’ll capture the perfect pairing of traditional and modern with a large bouquet in dusty rose and mauve , featuring hybrid tea rose and Austin rose framed by bundles of soft green eucalyptus.

A large bridal bouquet in dusty rose and mauve

Deluxe Bridal Bouquets

Packing the biggest visual punch, extra large bouquets make a dramatic statement measuring in at 17”-19” in width. An example of oversized done right is the dazzling warmth and texture of our deluxe bouquet in rust and sepia, making a statement with unique shapes and neutral shades.

A deluxe bridal bouquet in rust and sepia

Wedding Bouquet Styles

Now that you’ve sized up your bouquet options, let’s dive into the shapes and styles that seamlessly blend into the vibe of your wedding day while accentuating your bridal beauty:

Round Bouquets

Timeless and classic, the round bouquet provides clean lines and strong form. With minimal greenery, these work especially well with monochrome shades, like the rich ocean blues in our standard round bridal bouquet in noble navy blue.

A standard round bridal bouquet in dusty blue and navy

Cascade Bouquets

Like a waterfall of blooms, cascade bouquets create a stunning visual statement, with flowers and greenery literally flowing from your hands. The elegantly draped teardrop shape fits right in with grand manor estate weddings, adding dreamy romance to your day, like this cascade bouquet in dusty rose and navy.

A standard cascade bridal bouquet in dusty rose and navy

Free-form Bouquets

For a fresh-from-the-garden wildflower look, free-form bouquets give a feel of playful hand-picked beauty. Overflowing with blooms, these bouquets have a whimsical, asymmetrical shape perfect for rustic countryside weddings. Take a look at this free-form bouquet in teal and orange.

A large free form bridal bouquet in dark teal and burnt orange

Hoop Bouquets

For a bridal bouquet that makes a trendy statement, a hoop bouquet provides a unique alternative to the traditional handheld wedding bouquets. Modern, airy, and elegant, the round frames adorned with asymmetrical flowers look especially chic in photos, like this emerald green hoop bouquet.

A large hoop bridal bouquet in emerald and tawny beige

Tips For Selecting the Right Bouquet for Your Wedding

Not only should you consider the shape and size of a bridal bouquet, you’ll also want to choose a design that fits the overall aesthetic of your wedding day. Some tips to zero in on your perfect bouquet match include:

  • Complement your wedding dress — A voluminous dress and princess train calls for drama to match. For big, beautiful gowns go for a grand bouquet to enhance the silhouette. A delicate tea length wedding dress, on the other hand, might be better with a smaller bouquet to balance the look.  
  •  Emphasize your color palette — Use the versatility of florals, fillers, and greenery to perfectly encapsulate the color scheme you’ve envisioned for the wedding day, bringing in touches of color and texture that coordinate with the decor.  
  •  Coordinate with your bridal party — Make sure your bridesmaid’s bouquets don’t outshine yours by selecting a bridal bouquet that’s a bit larger than your ladies’ handheld florals while keeping with color and styles that match. 
  •  Consider the wedding venue — Keep the vibe of your wedding locale in mind as you choose a bouquet. A rustic outdoor wedding, for example, works well with a large freeform bouquet that mirrors the untamed beauty of the natural world around you, while a sophisticated manor house affair might be better suited to a more structured and refined round bouquet.  
  •  Stay within your budget – Bouquet size, flower type, and other design choices factor into the cost of your wedding flowers. Find a bouquet that hits all your major visual wants while staying wallet-friendly with a willingness to think out of the box.
Bridal bouquets in various colors, shapes and sizes

Choosing Between Faux Florals vs. Real Flowers

The type of flower used to create your bridal bouquet is important, as well. While faux flowers and fresh florals both provide similar aesthetics, they do have some differences to keep in mind while choosing your wedding bouquet:

  • Fresh flowers have a fragrant aroma but their beauty is fleeting, and they require more care and maintenance to last through the end of the reception.  
  •  Faux florals keep their form long after the wedding ends (and can be repurposed and enjoyed for years to come). 
  •  Faux flowers are lighter weight, making it easier on the arms to carry through the day. 
  •  Artificial florals are typically at a more accessible price point, and give you the chance to include favorite flowers that might be out of season or out of budget if sourced fresh.
Large cascade bridal bouquet in burgundy and navy

DIY vs. Premade Bridal Bouquet: Which is Right for You?

Should you put your wedding floral needs in the hands of a capable professional, or should you take the flowers into your own hands and craft your one of a kind bouquet? Consider the pros and cons of both:

Premade Wedding Bouquets

Elegantly designed premade bouquets take some of the wedding prep stress off your shoulders, and you can trust that they’ll look stunning on the big day. They’ll also seamlessly blend with the rest of your wedding decor, especially when you’re using one of Ling’s beautiful wedding color palettes. But if you’re on a tight budget, know that you’re paying a premium for the expert design work that goes into creating a perfectly balanced floral display.

Large free form bridal bouquet in lilac and gold

DIY Wedding Bouquets

If you’re looking for more control over your floral aesthetic, DIY is a wonderful way to make your bridal bouquet exactly the size and style you’d like. Plus, you’ll save money when you design and assemble wedding flowers yourself — a big bonus if you’re a bride on a budget. However, you’ll want to plan on allocating extra prep time for design and assembly.

A table to compare the advantages and disadvantages of premade and DIY bouquets

Find The Bridal Bouquet Size That Fits Your Style With Ling’s

What is the wedding bouquet rule? While we’re sharing helpful guidelines for selecting the right bridal bouquet for your wedding, no rules are set in stone when it comes to wedding bouquets. You’re the bride, and ultimately the bouquet size and style that fits your vision is the perfect one for you. Not too big, not too small…just right.

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