DIY Floral Arrangement for Mother's Day

During this time of staying at home, why not make use of your free time and get creative! We thought it would be special to hand a DIY floral arrangement to your floral-loving mama. Keep on scrolling to see how we put together this floral arrangement!

What you will need 

  • Some flowers and greenery
  • Scissors 
  • Wire stems 
  • Glass vessel (we used perfume bottles) 
  • Pens and cardstock (for a thank-you card) 
  • Chiffon ribbon (optional)

Step 1  Hold 2~3 stems of focal flowers you like and add in 2 more blooms in matching colors. Arrange them to create a domed shape. 

Step 2  Fill in hints of greens and white accents, here we chose the maidenhair ferns and euphorbia marginata, which add some textures and variety. Secure them with wire stems at the base. 

Next up, place the finished mini bouquets into the perfume bottles. It would be intriguing to fill the flowers into any vessels that are easily accesible in our daily life, consider mason jars, mugs, glass ink bottles, or even name a few. 

Step 3  We love the idea of handwriting a heartfelt thank-you card for your mom to express how much you appreciate her devotion. 

Step 4  You may even tie a bow on the card with off-white ribbon if she loves something simple and classic. 

Now try using different materials of your choice and have fun creating floral centerpieces for your loved ones! 

And if you’re giving this a try, please do share with us on Instagram so we can see your beautiful piece!