DIY Hand-Tied Bridal Bouquet Tutorial

Summer's almost approaching. I feel like we need something calming to relax our mind. So today we are going to share how to make a casual-chic hand-tied bouquet, perfect for your summer wedding. Here's how it's done.

What you will need


Flowers in shades of dusty blue

White anemones

Assorted greenery


Wire stems

Wire cutters


Floral tape

Plastic stems

Chiffon ribbon (1.5" wide)

Step 1 Hold your focal flowers with 2~3 colors to build the base. Here we use roses in ivory and shades of dusty blue.

Step 2 Add in more flowers to build the shape of the bouquet.

Step 3 Fill in trailing greenery for a flowy and organic effect.
Tuck in accents on different angles to fill in the gaps.

Step 4 Secure the base with wire to hold its shape. Tuck in some plastic stems if you prefer a thicker bouquet handle. 

Step 5 Tape around the handle and then cover it with layers of ribbons. Use pins to secure.

Step 6 Trim the stems to around 10" long. To finish off, tie a bow knot around the handle for an ethereal touch.

There you have it! A pretty bridal bouquet, incredibly budget-friendly and simple to tackle. Feel free to mix up the flowers you choose! We would love to see what you created. Please do post a photo on Instagram and tag us so that we can all see!